Nearshore Outsourcing is the comprehensive outsourcing of services and processes, established and agreed to with the customer, relating to external services provided in an adjacent region (country) or near to where the services are provided.

In the past five years, Portugal has been recognised as one of the most attractive destinations for IT and outsourcing services.

In the next three years, Lisbon will be one of the Web capitals of the world. In November 2016, 2017 and 2018, the city will host the Web Summit, a global event that will attract the attention of investors, technicians, entrepreneurs, the media, decision-makers and marketers. Giving this “responsibility” to the city of Lisbon and Portugal is a huge step towards consolidating the “technological culture” that our country has been developing for some time now.

Gartner has recognised Portugal in this regard and has ranked our country as one of the leading offshore IT service providers, and also recognised our potential as a nearshoring destination.

Within this area, Base64 Solutions makes teams that are dedicated to project development, maintenance and support for new or evolving Outsystems Platform applications, at an international level.


Base64 Solutions Lda.
Solid bases, big achievements

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Who we are

We chose the name Base64 Solutions, a well known binary-to-text encoding scheme, to represent our commitment to technology and the simple building blocks underlying behind every complex project. We feel that knowing your business and what tools can be used to leverage it, is a key part in innovation and digital transformation. This is who we are. We like to know each simple building block, so we can put them together and help you build a solid project to not only stand the test of time, but also exponentiate your business.

Our brand

Because we know our trade, and we know ourselves, we take care of what we want to represent.

The strong B on our logo represents our commitment to delivering a solid platform for your needs.

The ^ sign is usually a notation used in Math to represent exponentiation. This represents our commitment to being part of the base that helps your business grow exponentially.