Push Forward

We believe there is always a better way to do something. So we keep improving our skills, making sure we’re always ready to help you take that next step, that will put you ahead of the competition.

Solid Base

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a solid team for your Outsystems projects. Working together on so many situations has taught our team to know itself, and more importantly, know how projects work, evolve and succeed.

Knowledge Value

If teams disband after a project… what happens to collective knowledge? We keep ourselves together because each and every of our partners has important knowledge and insight others can always tap into for every project need.

Push Forward

In a competitive economy, to be ahead of the competition can be the diference between becoming an industry leader or struggling to survive. We can provide solutions aligned with your requirements and create the value that made a tangible diference. Our team is ready to take on your challenge, to help you find the best options and implement them. We know you need and value that “extra mile”, and together we will achieve it.

Solid Base

Many of humankind’s greatest achievements were made possible, and have stood the test of time because they were built over the right foundations by the right people. This is what we strive to be. The right people providing the right foundations for your projects. Our team has experience in Public and Private sectors, from health to finance. From all our learned lessons, in the many projects we were a part of, we know that we can deliver solid solutions to create the value you need.

Knowledge Value

Our core team has a solid background, acquired through all the projects we took part in. We have experience in local and nearshore projects. From small development teams to large scale operations, from expert developer to project management roles. We realy believe that we can make a diference. We always rely on each other’s strengths to make sure the output is as perfect and valuable as it can possibly be.

Development & Maintenance

Architecture, design and implementation for customer needs, refactoring and/or bug fixing of existing projects.


Adaptable and flexible to the client’s needs, we outsource our abilities, skills and talents to make sure your requirements are met.


We bring the requirements to nearshore and apply our expertise to deliver them, completing your team with the extra experience.


Base64 Solutions Lda.
Solid bases, big achievements

(E-mail) info@base64.pt
(Tel) +351 21 778 13 09


Who we are

We chose the name Base64 Solutions, a well known binary-to-text encoding scheme, to represent our commitment to technology and the simple building blocks underlying behind every complex project. We feel that knowing your business and what tools can be used to leverage it, is a key part in innovation and digital transformation. This is who we are. We like to know each simple building block, so we can put them together and help you build a solid project to not only stand the test of time, but also exponentiate your business.

Our brand

Because we know our trade, and we know ourselves, we take care of what we want to represent.

The strong B on our logo represents our commitment to delivering a solid platform for your needs.

The ^ sign is usually a notation used in Math to represent exponentiation. This represents our commitment to being part of the base that helps your business grow exponentially.