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What does our team of experts have to offer?


Our team of seasoned Outsystems professionals has been around for more than a decade now. We’ve seen it all.

Health care, financial sector, energy market, retail, sports… You name it, we’ve probably done something in that business area. Each business has unique challenges and to address those challenges correctly, it takes someone who understands the business. Our team will put their experience at your service, helping you achieve the best results in no time.


Need a hand with your project but you’d rather do it remotely? Does your challenge require a large skill set ?

Our team might be just what you need. Our most senior members have been working together for many years, because of this they’ve developed a level of trust in each other that makes them work extremelly efficiently together, relying on each other’s strengths to tackle each challenge in the most cost/time effective way.


Does your business need something revolutionary? Do you have an idea but you’re not sure it can be done?

Over the years, in the most varied sectors, we had to implement applications that integrate with other applications and devices. From legacy technologies to the most trendy SDKs at the time, we always made it work together with Outsystems.

It’s only complex until someone finds a way.

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How was this project born?
Take your Outsystems code base to the next level

Outsystems has a problem, it's too good at what it does. The rapid expansion into new markets coupled with it's trademark abstraction layer means new developers not only lack some knowledge about the inner workings of the platform but also, in many cases, the context of previous projects and challenges where whole ecosystems are at play.

This was our motivation to create Base64. To create a company that would be able to fill the experience gap the market is experiencing today, by making these professionals and their experience available to you. Our junior colleagues are personally trained by the partners themselves, spending the first six months with at least one of the more experienced developers, making sure they're aligned with our values and soaking in some experience.

  • Layered, Service Oriented, Scalable

  • Classic Web, Mobile & Reactive

  • C#, CSS, JavaScript, Firebase

  • Custom, Performant, Scalable

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