Development & Maintenance

Besides enabling pervasive innovation, IT organizations today need to focus on modernizing legacy systems while enhancing existing systems and applications. Automating enterprise processes plays a key role in enabling agility. To deliver on the expectations from business, IT departments must be able to utilize and manage large pools of historical organizational knowledge as well as business intelligence stored in systems, machines, and people.

Shackled by stringent IT budgets, most businesses are looking to outsource application development, management, and related services. This is where a strong knowledge partner such as Base64 can make all the difference. To ensure our clients have an edge over their competitors, Base64 continuously redefines its offerings across Application Development, Application Maintenance and Support, and Application Modernization. The Base64 advantage lies in its strategic combination of technical prowess, deep domain understanding and expertise, consulting capabilities, and methodologies that deliver significant and tangible value to clients’ business.


Base64 Solutions Lda.
Solid bases, big achievements

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Who we are

We chose the name Base64 Solutions, a well known binary-to-text encoding scheme, to represent our commitment to technology and the simple building blocks underlying behind every complex project. We feel that knowing your business and what tools can be used to leverage it, is a key part in innovation and digital transformation. This is who we are. We like to know each simple building block, so we can put them together and help you build a solid project to not only stand the test of time, but also exponentiate your business.

Our brand

Because we know our trade, and we know ourselves, we take care of what we want to represent.

The strong B on our logo represents our commitment to delivering a solid platform for your needs.

The ^ sign is usually a notation used in Math to represent exponentiation. This represents our commitment to being part of the base that helps your business grow exponentially.